Poze Aeotec Z-WAVE Radiator Thermostat | AEOEZWA021

  • Poze Aeotec Z-WAVE Radiator Thermostat | AEOEZWA021
  • Poze Aeotec Z-WAVE Radiator Thermostat | AEOEZWA021
  • Poze Aeotec Z-WAVE Radiator Thermostat | AEOEZWA021

Aeotec Z-WAVE Radiator Thermostat | AEOEZWA021


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Product information "Aeotec Radiator Thermostat"

Save up to 30% energy costs by upgrading your Smart Home with the Aeotec Radiator Thermostat.

A smart heating control system is comfortable, flexible and efficient at the same time. Due to intelligent automation, you can use the thermostat to set any room in your house to your preferred temperature.

Change the temperature, anytime and anywhere. Thanks to wireless Z-Wave connection and FLiRS technology the Radiator Thermostat reacts immediately to any temperature setting which is sent from your Smart Home Gateway. The illuminated LED screen and buttons also allow you to control your desired temperature manually.

No wiring or special tools are required to install the Aeotec Radiator Thermostat. The thermostat fits all M30 x 1.5mm radiator valves. Various adapters for RAV, RAL and RAVL valves are included.


  • Radiator Thermostat with FLiRS support
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Illuminated LED screen
  • Temperature boost function
  • Automatic open window detection (depends on position of radiator)
  • Battery Lifetime: 6-12 months (depends on usage)
  • Z-Wave Plus (FLiRS function)
  • S2 Unauthenticated
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Aeotec Radiator Thermostat, 2x batteries (AA), adapters for RAV, RAVL & RA


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Luni-Vineri, 09:00-18:00

Detalii produs

Categorie: Controlul Temperaturii, Controlleri, Toate produsele, Termostate

Producator: Aeotec

Cod produs - SKU: AEOEZWA021

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