Poze Sirena Wireless GEN 5 - Aeotec - AEO_DSD31-5 | ZW080


Sirena Wireless GEN 5 - Aeotec - AEO_DSD31-5 | ZW080

SKU: AEO_DSD31-5 | ZW080

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Sirena Z-Wave Aeotec Wireless GEN5

- sirena interior fara fir
- volum sonor 105db (setabil 88, 100, 105)
- alarma visuala
- baterie de back-up interna Lithium 430mA
- securitate comunicatie AES-128
- comunicatie cu 250% mai rapida decat versiunea standard
- suporta actualizare firmware on the AIR OTA
- distanta in camp deschis pana la 150 metri
- suporta Beaming
- consum 0.7W - 1.7W declansata
- dimensiuni : 8,5cm x 5,7cm x 6,5cm (L x l x p)
- greutate 85g

Cod Produs: AEO_DSD31-5


Product information "Aeotec Indoor Siren with Backup Battery"

The Aeotec indoor siren is an easy to install Z-Wave device which increases security in your home in no time. The siren will be plugged into an E27 socket and included into a Z-Wave network in few steps. This way, the siren will become part of your security system and can be activated by various alarm scenes such as burglary, fire and flood alarm.

The compact indoor siren alarms with three-step adjustable loudness with up to 106 dB and red LEDs as additional optical signal. The modifiable loudness allows to use the siren also as a doorbell extension, e.g. to extend the bell signal for hard to reach areas.

A special security feature is the integrated backup battery. With this battery the siren stays active, even in case of a power failure or when a burglar removes the siren from the power socket. 


  • Indoor siren for E27 power sockets
  • Compact and modern style design
  • Three-step adjustable loudness
  • Max. loudness: 106 dB
  • 5 different alarm tones
  • Backup battery
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Dimensions: 84x57x67 mm


SKU: ZW080


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Detalii produs

Categorie: Sirene, Toate produsele

Producator: Aeotec

Cod produs - SKU: AEO_DSD31-5 | ZW080

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